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A complaint about misleading fundraising: the R family

The complaint

Mr and Mrs R’s son is a member of a local charitable sports club. The club asked Mr and Mrs R to raise £800 so they could send a team to a sporting event. But Mr and Mrs R thought this amount was more than they needed.

Our findings

We found no evidence that the charity intended to mislead donors. We also found that any excess funds raised were used for a similar cause.

However, we also found that the charity did not explain in its fundraising communications what would happen if it exceeded its target.

We also found that the charity did not address Mr and Mrs R’s complaint appropriately.

Our recommendations

We recommended that the charity review its complaints process to ensure it is up to date and consider the learning from this complaint

We also recommended that the charity ensure it is clear on all future campaigns what would happen to any excess funds raised.

The charity accepted our findings and our recommendations.