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Consultation on the Fundraising Code

In autumn 2018 we consulted on changes to make the Code of Fundraising Practice more accessible. 

We asked for views on a new draft of the code, including:

  • a new table of contents and a simpler ordering of the code’s content
  • a “Plain English” review of language used in the code
  • a new code introduction
  • a glossary of key terms used
  • a table of rules proposed for deletion or amendment
  • incorporation of the face-to-face fundraising rulebooks 

A summary of responses will be published on the consultation web pages, together with the Fundraising Regulator’s final decisions regarding changes to the Code.

Responses to the consultation informed the changes we've made to the new fundraising code which is now published. The new code will take effect in October 2019.

A summary of responses to the consultation can be found below.