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Grant makers and trusts

There are many sources of funding available for charities through grant makers, trusts and foundations. Most of these will grant funding according to specific criteria, for example specifying that a particular type of charitable purpose and/or geographical area must benefit. As such it is important that organisations research potential funders before applying.
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I want to go straight to the code and read what it says about grant making and trusts

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I want to go straight to the code and read what it says about grant making and trusts

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I have a concern about a particular grant or trust

For fundraisers

Funders usually have their own application procedures. It is important that you are aware of and follow this to maximise your chance of success.

Applications are often competitive with multiple organisations bidding for the same funding. If an application is rejected, you should not try to change the funder’s mind unless there are clear mistakes of fact, or there is a specified appeals procedure.

You will usually need referees to vouch for your application and ability to deliver on proposals. Many funders have specific requirements for referees, so you should always check.

Statutory funding sources may have additional rules. You should always check and follow these as well as the Code.

For information about trusts and how they work, see the IoF’s guidance. The IoF has also produced guidance on structuring an application to a trust.

As with any charitable funds, you must spend money on the purpose for which it was raised. If there are changes to the way you intend to spend grant money, legally you must first get written approval from the funder.

You can find the rules on trust fundraising in Section 10 of the Code of Fundraising Practice.

For the public

If you want to set up a trust or foundation, see the Charity Commission’s guidance on setting up a charity.

Grant makers and trustee resources


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