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The main duty of trustees is to advance the purposes of the charity and to always act in the charity’s best interest. Trustees need to ensure that the charity’s assets and resources are only used for the purposes for which the charity was set up. This extends to the charity's fundraising activities.
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I want to go straight to the code and read what it says about trustees and fundraising

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I want to go straight to the code and read what it says about trustees and fundraising

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I have a fundraising concern about a particular trustee

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Trustees have many responsibilities directly related to fundraising. These all link to the principle that trustees must always act in the charity’s best interests.

Trustees take ultimate responsibility for the fundraising activities of their charity. This is still the case even when they have delegated these roles. They need to ensure that any risks or conflicts of interest that may arise in fundraising activities are managed by the charity.

Trustees are ultimately responsible for ensuring the charity is compliant with the law in the way it fundraises. This includes the need to ensure agreements with third party fundraisers are in place and that the relevant licenses / permissions are in place for collections. Their role includes considering the impact of any campaigns on the charity’s reputation.

The Code of Fundraising Practice outlines trustee duties in section 2.

For broader information about trustee responsibilities, see the Charity Commission’s guidance on fundraising and trustees. For information on how to select and recruit trustees, see the NCVO’s guidance.

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The Charities (protection and social investment) Act 2016

This page provides guidance on the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 which came into force July 2016, with some provisions coming into force on 1st November 2016. See our Frequently Asked Questions for further information on fundraiser responsibilities in relation to the Act.
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