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A complaint about unwanted charity bags: Mr B

The complaint

Mr B received a charity collection bag from a company despite telling them that he did not want to receive them. He said that receiving them caused him distress.

Our findings

We found that the company should have taken greater care to ensure that Mr B did not receive any more bags.

The company were working on behalf of a charity. We found that the charity did not make all reasonable efforts to check that the company was compliant with the Code of Fundraising Practice.


Both the charity and the company had made many changes to their processes as a result of the complaint.

We recommended that both the charity and the company review the effectiveness of those changes in 3 months’ time.

We also recommended that both the charity and the company send Mr B an apology and confirm to him in writing that no further bags will be delivered to his address.

Both organisations accepted our findings and recommendations.