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A complaint about the use of personal information: Mr K

The complaint

Mr K said his father asked a charity to remove his mother from its mailing list as she now lives in a care home, but Mr K’s father was added to its database instead.

Our findings

Mr K's father told us that he had not asked the charity to remove his wife's details from their database, but sent the mailings back as "returned to sender."

We did not find any evidence that the charity had breached the Code.

We found that Mr K had been added to the charity’s database after making a donation to the organisation. We found that on receipt of the donation, the charity had given Mr K a clear opportunity to opt-out of further communications and he chose not to.

We found that the mailing house and the charity had no evidence of receiving the returned mail. The charity also demonstrated that they had a process in place to deal with such correspondence.

Our recommendations

We did not find any evidence of a breach of the Code and did not find it necessary to make any recommendations for improvement.